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Daniel Rodrigue
Daniel Rodrigue is a professor of journalism, photojournalism and photography, including 35mm film/darkroom, digital and studio photography. No matter the class, his students all learn a little about photography, Edwin Land and Polaroid. He teaches at Brookhaven College in the same darkroom where he first learned to develop film and print photographs back in 2001. He grew up around Polaroid cameras and film and started shooting film for fun whenever he could afford another pack. But after his first photography course at Brookhaven, he started collecting Polaroid cameras beyond his lucky One-Step. His first published Polaroids started appearing in 2008 for the Dallas Observer. He has since shot “professionally” for several venues, companies and event planners – from Red Bull to private individuals to a very memorable ’80-themed party at a sommelier convention. In 2012, Rodrigue and Justin Goode founded The Instant Film Society to increase awareness, understanding and accessibility of analog instant films. In 2013, Daniel and Toby Hancock started talking about the idea of a centralized meet-up and convention. Soon, the name and concept for PolaCon was born. (Typically in his camera bag: SLR680, Spectra SE or Land Camera 180.)
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